Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas and 2013 Book List in the Making

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve last night when we celebrated Abigail's 10th Birthday with both Grandma's here and then this morning opening presents and cooking a great breakfast. After Grandma's  left to go celebrate with other extended family we were able to watch new movies (such as Brave) and take a nap and I was able to finish a great book! Since we had our big Christmas dinner last night we ate up the leftovers tonight and then went for a short drive to see Christmas lights in some close neighborhoods.

Since I was able to read a book in my 4 days off from the Hospital I realized how much I missed reading, yes I haven't MADE time to sit and read in months ever since starting my new job. In 2013 I would like to MAKE time to read more. What was your Fav. books in 2012? I'm starting my list for the New Year.
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