Saturday, November 17, 2012

Here I Am...

 We have rented a nice FL farmhouse that has 5 acres, It suits us just fine and in many ways reminds us of our loved house in OH. When we first saw the house and were thinking of renting it we were very surprised with how much it reminded us of home, now that we have lived here for a few months we have realized that nothing will/can replace our house in OH but we are settling in and little by little we are feeling more at home here than at our other rental last year, We have been here in FL for over a year now.

I have decorated little corners here and there and it's taking me so much longer to get finished because I have gone back to work! Full time! So with this new job I have to find a good balance between work and home, It's easier said than done! We hope to be able to buy again a few years from now, if/when our credit recovers.

Inorder for me to post on a regular basis I have made a schedule for myself. I simply can't post every day but I will try to post as many pics as I can of my newly decorated house!

Lets start with these little snippets....

Our front window, I love to decorate using our book collection.
Close up of a Thanksgiving decoration.
A new candle for our new stove.

Little by little I'm making this house a home!

Wow, What a Break

   Hello there! I'm Sorry my break took way to long, I sure have missed blogging.

I'm busy working full time at my new job in the cafeteria at Nemours Children's Hospital and we have settled into our new Rental. 

I'll be posting pics and sharing with ya'll our decorating adventures as I have been bitten by the decorating bug again.

I also have many books to review for you.

I'll see you shortly!