Friday, February 6, 2009

~Please, Need Massive Prayers~

My sister Jennifer just found out that her four month old baby girl Emily (my sweet lil niece) has a condition called Craniosynostosis, where the bones that makeup her skull have fused prematurely. This usually happens around the time you quit growing. Since Emily is still growing, her brain has nowhere to go and is literally squeezing itself as it tries to grow. Therefore she is going to have to undergo some pretty major surgery to completely reconstruct her skull. There are very few surgeons nationwide that perform this operation, so they are going to need your prayers to help find a good one, and for a successful completion of the procedure. And they will also obviously need your prayers for a speedy recovery.

Monday the Doctor's start the search for the best Pediatric Neurosurgen in the country, in addition her white blood count is very high and they have to find out why. Tomorrow Jennifer goes back into the Hospital to have Emily's blood checked again.

Lil Emily has a very long hard road ahead of her, Please pray for my lil Niece!
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