Friday, November 28, 2008

Bookworm Friday

I'm reading a great magazine tonight, It's "Real Simple" and it's full of some great Holiday tips!

Here are some tips from the "Real Simple" Website on Saving on this Holiday Season

# Mail flat rate for heavier items. Choose this two- to three-day shipping option (for domestic destinations) from the U.S. Postal Service and pay the same amount regardless of box weight. For example, sending an 11-by-8 1/2-by-5 1/2-inch box from New York to California costs $9.80, whether it weighs 20 pounds or 70.

# Send out holiday postcards. If you choose the standard 4 1/4-by-6-inch size, you’ll save 15 cents a card (using a 27 cent stamp instead of a 42 cent one).

# Say so long to expensive wrapping paper. Cover your gifts with butcher paper (about $16 for 500 feet) instead of “designer” paper (about $30 for 30 feet).

# Stock up on wine by the case to present as hostess gifts. Most retailers offer a 10 percent discount on larger orders; just ask the next time you’re at a wine shop. Some will even let you mix different brands in one box.

# Top gifts with yarn. Pass on the $10-a-yard ribbon options and score a huge bundle of yarn—more than 70 yards—for just $2 to $6.

# Stick with serving a signature punch or cocktail. Stocking a full bar can be quite costly—around $265 for wine, beer, liquors, and mixers to serve 25 guests.

# Ditch disposable stemware. It may seem cheap (about $10 for 10 Champagne flutes), but the price of plastic can really add up, since you’ll have to buy it for each party. Instead, visit a restaurant-supply store (check your Yellow Pages to find the nearest one). You’ll find reusable glass stemware for around $1 a glass.

DO you have a Great Saving Tip for the Holidays? Please share it!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Having a Happy Thanksgiving?


We are stuffed to the gills here and watching "White Christmas" again.

It was great to have my mom here and my sister and my MIL and her DH came for a visit also. The kids colored tons of pics and we watched "WALL-E"!! It was an early Christmas present from my mom..what a cute movie and I think that I'll be seeing that movie once a day for a lloonngg

I'm wishing my bloggy family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Whatcha Working On Wed.

We are playing a ton of Scrabble here, DH and I have rediscovered it and the girls are having fun learning their words and playing along with us. We are making the Family play tomorrow also, They just don't know it

I have also started on our name Stitchery, It will say

The Graves est. 1997

stitched in black and then put into a black frame, I'm not going to stain this one as the fabric is already alittle darker.

Our Abigail has strep, I had to take her into the ER this morning, her lymp node was swollen and very tender, they did a culture and it came back positive. She is on mega doses of antibiotics and now I have to watch the other 2 kids for it too. Tomorrow the family is still coming over, they just will not drink or eat after her. I have called everyone to let them know.

I'm off to take a nap and catch up on reading.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Willow Tree Stitchery Pillow~Finally Finished..

This is a swap that goes to Kimberly at
It has taken about 2 months to finish this due to major life events taken over here at the Graves house...
I hope you adore it Kimberly and I'm so Sorry that it has taken me this long to finish!!

The pattern came from Pam at
She posted it many months ago on another website, which I can't remember who's it was!

Let's Visit My Country Farmhouse Kitchen....

Let's stroll upstairs to my Country Farmhouse Kitchen, My color is Blue in here with a few Roosters thrown in..I always come back to my new Blue cafe curtains? I have Blue Pottery collections and a new Blue speckled coffee mug collection hanging from my "pot rack", it was here when we moved in, finding a use for it! My cabinet is decorated for Thanksgiving along with my bay window, a simple pumpkin. I love my huge built in kitchen isle, more counter space and great for the holiday's!

I'm Thankful for my large family kitchen.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sewing Room Reveal

It's been months in the making but we are now finished..I am so excited to share with ya'll today! I still have to find storage for some craft items but most is put away. DH has built a wall where there was none before and added a door..We have painted a nice shade of yellow..still need to find some curtains for the window..You can tell how yucky it is now have space for my quilt table to unfold in the middle of the room and notice my new sewing machine wall..The cabinet holds all of my fabric still but I have the addition of cable T.V. for my fav. shows. We found a home for the futon on the wall for guests..still need to hang some things today. OH and Please notice my NEW carpet..DH bought it from work many months ago, the color is a mixed Blue and looks nice with the Yellow walls..they are carpet tiles that you stick down..very nice and easy to clean! We hope to be able to put up a drop ceiling some time in the future.

Sorry that the pics are dark and grainy..Very yucky day mixed with an old

Can you see/think of any more storage ideas? I'd love some shelves above the quilt table one day.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Great Book Give-away..

I was blog browsing and came across a great Holiday book give-away!

Please check out

You can choose your own book and WOW she has some great Holiday ones!

White Christmas

My all time Fav. Christmas movie! Every year my dad used to watch this movie after eating Thanksgiving dinner..Fond memories of sitting with him and watching it every year. I have missed sitting next to him watching it, He has been gone 2 years now. My DH bought the DVD for me this week and we sat down and watched it already! My Fav. is the Sister's singing..oh no..It's the very end when it starts to snow and everyone sings White

What are your Fav. Holiday movies?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Whatcha Working On Wed.

I need your opinion~ I'm starting a new stitchery and it will be in this frame after I paint it black. Should I stitch...
Which should it be since it's a last name? It will be stitched in black and lightly stained.

I have to take C to get another x-ray of her broken toe to see how it's healing today, very busy morning!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gooseberry Patch Forum..

Did you know that Gooseberry Patch now has a Forum? You can chat and share fav. recipes, decorating ideas, ect.

Here is the link for you

What is your Fav. Gooseberry Patch book? I have just the "Fall, Family and Friends" book.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Sign in Kitchen

I have received my fun little sign from
I have it in a little corner of my kitchen. Thanks so much!!

Have you ever noticed that you favor one color above all others? For me it's Blue..I always go back to blue! I have switched out the curtains in my kitchen again..Blue now and I have a blue lamp in there as well. I have a small collection of blue stoneware ..very happy with Blue..It does go with my Americana living

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bookworm Friday

So begins the story of two girls, a friendship, and a pie. JUMBLE PIE, to be exact. A Home Ec project gone very wrong, except for the fact that it brings together two very different young girls and helps them form a friendship that lasts through bad haircuts, unrequited love, endless incarnations of Madonna, and their own evolving dreams... Until New Year's Eve, 1999, when another pie comes along, resulting in a pre-party blow-up that sets Juliet and Emily, women now, to remembering how it all got started.
JUMBLE PIE is the story of the elusive nature of friendship, sometimes clinging, other times liberating; a story for any woman who has ever lied to her best friend just to make her feel better - and who has been brave enough to tell the truth, even when it hurts. And of course, it's a story about the remarkable healing power of pie.

I was sent this book to view and have downloaded it..I much prefer the paper form..My lil helpers won't allow me to much fun time on the computer nowadays but I have read 2 chapters so far and it has grabbed my attention. I'll slowly be reading this bit by bit.

Please go grab your own copy at
She is offering this EBook FREE for a short time!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Twilight Books

So my Sis passed these books on to me and said I HAD to read these asap!

Is it worth my time? I have seen the books in the store and am aware that there is a movie coming out but that's all..If it's not on Noggin I'm

Have any of you read these yet or am I the last

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Free Gum


Stride Gum
You have to go thru a funny little skit but it's a free pack of gum! I did this about 4 months ago and received the cinnamon gum..Now I'll try the Berry flavor..YUM!

Whatcha Working On Wed.

Morning All..I have been busy browsing on-line for good books on Saving Money, Reducing Grocery Costs and activities that families can do here at the house and around town..It's getting way to cold to run to the parks. SO far I have found just one book at my library that I'm going to pick up. Please share with me your cost-cutting books if you know of any.

I'm thinking of bringing out Christmas and decorating just to get my mind off of our finances. We haven't told the kids yet about DH being laid off of work but last night was DH's last day and he came home full of stress and worry and was very depressed. He hid in his man cave most of the night sending off resumes. Ladies, what do you do when your guy is very depressed..for whatever the you try to talk him out of his depression or let him work it out himself? I have tried telling him that it wasn't just him that lost the job/money it was us and we are in this together. The not knowing is the hardest part though. Esp. since the economy is bad..not very many business's are hiring right now.

I am continueing to clip coupons and I have re-discovered the Library, In the past I had just grabbed a book at the store but now I'm writing down the titles and grabbing them from the library.

I'm also thinking about trying my hand at more DIY Crafts..What kind of paint do ya'll use for simple signs..I want to make some for my house.

Well, It's not an exciting week or fun post but this is what I'm working on at the

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day

We are Thankful for today! Thanks for keeping the USA free!

My mom and DH are Veteran's..DH was in the Army while we were dating but was discharged Medical because he broke his ankle while in Basic Training. He has always wanted to go back in but his ankle prevents him.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Walgreens Coupon~PIC

Daddy and Me!

Walgreens has a special that expires tonight for a FREE 8 by 10 pic..Coupon code is FREEPIC..I have chosen this pic to be framed for a special someone..I'll run over and pick it up tomorrow! Free is good and I only have to buy the frame, Thanks for posting this, I can't remember whose blog I saw this on.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Laid Off~ Trouble

Okay...I'm sitting here shaking..DH just called and said that he has been laid off! He is on his way home now..The company is laying off tons of ppl, here in columbus and in Dallas TX...Richard and 3 other guys were told this morning...DH has gotten a good severence package so he feels okay about that but now is the unknown...We are confident that DH can pick up another good paying job..It's just that we are not sure where this will be yet..Out of state or here...We have to let my truck go and MAYBE sell HOSS..My heart will break if we do..He's just a good ole pasture horse....

I'll know more details later when he gets home and we can really talk.

I know I'm Rambling..I'm Sorry...I'll be missing for a few days as we get a better idea of the future.

Another Give-Away!

This is a Grande GiveAway from She has outdid herself on this one!!

On another note~ I have broken my camera :( I slipped and fell with it on Sunday and yesterday for "Watcha Working on Wed." it would not take any pics...I'm so depressed as we have no budget for a new camera at this time...Hence for awhile my posts will be without pics :(

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Blog Look and an Oldie for Sale

Since I have closed my Etsy site and now offering my Stitched crafts on here I thought I'd bring this little goodie out of's up for adoption for $8.00 plus $4.50 Shipping. This is for decoration only. Paypal Please.

I see it hanging on a cute ladder for decoration!

I am re-doing my look for the Holidays, I thought this was so cute!

Thank GOD for Family and I Voted Today

On Sat. we had special family here for one day from out of state, they drove all the way here for our Heater! Here is Uncle Bruce..He is my DH's BIL..He fixed our heater woes in 3 hours!! It looked like the heater wires were somehow wired wrong and some were disconnected! The Company that had been here for 3 days and STILL didn't know what was wrong will be reported to the BBB by us! We are very BLESSED to have such great caring family!

I was up early today and ran with DH to was easier than what I had thought it would be. I'm sad to say that today was my first time ever Voting...It won't be my last from now on!

Monday, November 3, 2008

HOSS's New Playground!

This weekend we were so busy outside finishing up the fence and Sunday we tightened the last gate screw! Sunday evening we let HOSS explore and it was a little exciting to say the least, he bolted and ran the whole fence line but thank goodness he didn't try to jump..Today he was much calmer when we let him out. Last night was so funny though..It was dark by the time feeding came around and we stood at the gate calling and calling for him..I grabbed a flashlight and walked down the hill to find that he was at his old feeding spot in his old pasture..he nickered at me..I know he was confused..It will take him a while to realize that he is able to walk around more and he now comes in every night. Pipen also got a shave Sunday and her owner worked with her all day.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Last Night and Happy Nov. 1st!!

Last night C and R dressed up as Zombie's..We are very deranged around here..most kids would want to dress up like something cute not my C..She told us she wanted to be a Zombie!! R wanted to be like Sissy but we painted a clown face on him..A was staying home with me because she had an upset stomach. DH took them to a few houses but we just didn't have the energy for alot last night.

Now that THAT is over...on to Thanksgiving!! Happy Nov. 1st!!