Monday, June 30, 2008

Birthday Cake and a Surprise!

SO my Birthday was on the 25th but We ate the Cake on the 29th...I'm now 30th...and with that comes the knowledge that I need to start taking better care of myself..I have to watch what I eat! I'm going to TRY to start...Drinking more water and watching the sugar, which is a hard one for me because after putting the kids to bed and feeding HOSS we like to have a dessert and watch a show or's just become second nature to us and after seeing myself in pics..My desserts are showing! Have any ideas on how to start to ween myself from this nightly ritual?

My Chocolate Cake and Presents! I received a nice Daimond bracelet, some necklaces/bracelet sets and a small jewelry box and the best one was a cup and saucer set from England the I want to display in my room. I was supposed to be born in England but was born in California instead so I really want to visit England one day and I collect everything I can!
This is Crystal's new Hand-made Saddle rack, made with left over wood from the girls bunk-bed.
DH made this yesterday in about 2 hours...I'm so proud of him! It's very sturdy...We have it sitting in Crystal's room right now.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Playing Catch Up with Posts

Earlier this week I was Tagged by Fun!! So here we go...
~5 things I do for myself
I read in bed..Love this!
I paint my toenails weekly
I use grocery shopping as my little time
I buy the good chocolate!
I always wear perfume
~5 things I do for friends, my children or my partner
I buy my DH's fav. candy all the time
I pick up the kids Fav. cereals in the morning
I make sure that they all have clean clothes
I try to have alone time with each one of my kids
I love to read to the kids!
~5 things I have done for strangers
I hold the door in stores for them
I let them go first while driving, saves anyone from getting mad!
I try to smile just for fun!
I have helped one stranger, he fell in the grocery store and I helped him up
I often give directions if asked, help out any way I can.
~5 Hobbies I enjoy
Taking care of our horse HOSS
Going for Drives to see new places
So now I have to Tag 5 of if your reading this than it's YOUR turn!! LOLOLOLO :)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hoss's New Saddle~Couldn't Wait!

Here is Crystal trying her new saddle, She was so excited after cleaning it that she ran down with Daddy to the pasture and tried it on Hoss, We are looking for a girth and some riding lessons, I called one place here in town and they wanted $200.00 for a month, 1 week lessons...very steep for us right now! I hope to find someplace cheaper, even if we have to drive out of town.

Easy Sat. here today, DH went to go help a Co-Worker move and will be gone all day, the kids and I are playing with squirt guns and G'ma and my Sis might stop buy today...They have presents for my B-Day...On the 25th I was 30!! It was a nice day, we went out to a Steakhouse and then grabbed doughnuts with the kids...they thought it was so fun eating doughnuts for dessert on Mommy's B-Day..LOL

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crystal's New English Saddle

Crystal wants to learn English Riding so we found a fantastic deal on an English saddle. We still have to get a girth for it but Crystal is having fun cleaning it up for now.

HOSS hamming it up for us!
Look at this beauty!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back Home Again!

I'm Back from my trip to Fl, I missed the Beach and eating at Sonny's but we were so busy with the Funeral and visiting family. It was fast and it rained almost the whole time. Gas was so expensive in Fl, Daytona Beach had it at 4.14 at one gas station!!

I'm catching up on Blogging friends and may stop by to say "HI"!

This is a pic of Summertime Boredom, How Fun! We did these yesterday.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sad News~Fast Trip

We learned that my Uncle Steven has passed away down in Fl so My Mom and I are packing and driving down there this morning, I'll be gone for about 5 days...Driving is so much cheaper than flying..If you can believe that with high gas prices.

I hope to catch up when I return.

Friday, June 13, 2008

What's This?

Are these Apples or Crab Apples? We do have 4 apple trees by our house but this tree is in Hoss's pasture. If they are Crab apples...know of anything that we can do with them, Apple Pie or something?

HOSS and his Eye

Hoss in his Pasture yesterday morning, I went down to feed him and he was standing in his shelter waiting for was a hot one and he was slurping water and staying in the shade all day. Can you see his head peeking out?

Because of gas prices we can no longer mow down here, looks like a rolling sea.
Sucking up the breeze and shade!
Ready for his breakfast.
OOPPSS...What's this? He scraped his eye somehow, we called the vet and she came right out to look at it, We now have to put some gooy drops in his eye 2 times a day, Hoss loves us but there's only so much a horse will take! He dislikes his eyes being messed with so much, We have to talk him thru this.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Glad Tidings Contest~ I won!!

I'm so excited, this was sitting on my doorstep last week, I would have posted sooner but our modem died in the storm....Here is my surprise package and I'm ready to start sewing up something special.

My Gardens and House

Thought I'd share a few pics of my gardens, I didn't have to do anything ...Everything was here when we moved in but last year I didn't see anything blooming so this Spring has brought many a surprise to us!My roses by the front stairs, see that greenage growing over the stairs...Poison Ivy!! That's why I'm afraid to weed around here! Anyone know how to remove it and use some sort of control spray...Do they even have that stuff??
My garden, It's also riddled with poison ivy so I'm leaving it be for now but it's so pretty!!
Another view, see that weeded patch? The only spot with no poison ivy!
This is the front of the house, We are working on Curb appeal but really it's not needed because we have huge hedges blocking the view from the road. I love my bay window!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hocking Hills and Lake Logan Dam Day Trip 6-9-08

Since it's so hot and the kids were getting bored We loaded up and headed out! We went to Hocking Hills for a nice drive and stopped at Cedar Falls for a little walk, DH could only walk a little ways so we will go back another day to finish the 2 1/2 mile hike. One breathtaking few of a tiny waterfall.
Had to pose the kids on this Rock Bench, They love Hamming it up!
This is a crevice hole made by years of water swirling down there, DH played around with my focus on the camera to get this pic for me!
This is how far up we were from it!
This is the Iron bridge that we had to cross, the kids were very slow walking across it and Abigail kept looking down and grabbing for Daddy...Never cried though...I'm proud of her! MMM...Should have tilted the pic for ya.
This is what we saw when looking down!

Then DH was sore so we loaded back up into the car and drove to this tiny Dam, Tankers was amazed and we stopped and let the kids run in the field next to it.
Quick shot of everyone posing, One of the few pics of DH that I grabbed!!!

The field that was next to the Dam, the kids were chasing Butterflies. You'd think that they didn't have 5 acres to play on...LOL...

It was a nice day and everyone came home and vegged out!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Update on Kids Rooms

Here is the start to Richard's John Deere room, he is 3 and loves his tractors. We are thinking about paint colors now. His room has this built in bookcase which we use to hold some of his toys and what-not...of course when I ran in to take the pic the kids had been playing in there..LOL... My Great Aunt Hazel also painted the pic many years ago.
We finished up this wall last night, I had the sign made special with his name for his Birthday and found the pics at TS and the shelf came from a local craft mall. The shelf looks a little high in this pic..MMM... On the top of his shelf is a toy tank that he got the day he came home, His nickname is Tankers!
My mom made his pillowcase, I'm not happy about these lights and I hope to change them out one day.
I adore these Deer pics, My Great Aunt Hazel painted them many years ago. I'm on the lookout for some better curtains.
Crystal's room is all painted, here is her comforter which matches the walls, Palmino? Ponies! I also need to find some curtains, Her blinds are not very pretty...LOL
It's a fairly small room, still have to finish the floor when DH feels better.
We still need to hang her Horse posters and finish her dresser but she is happy to not be sharing a room with her younger sis.

We are still working on Abigail's room...We do a little every weekend. I'll take pics of her room as soon as we get her's painted, we told her it will be done in time for her to start Kindergarten.

Have any decorating ideas.... Please share!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

~I'm Back!!~

WOW, It seems like forever since I've been able to use the computer!

We had a Horrible thunderstorm here the other night with a lightning bolt frying our modem, DH was able to fix it with his super techy powers, I'm so glad to be back...LOL

Meanwhile the kids are now out for the Summer, Crystal passed and is now going to be in 3rd grade!! We are so proud of her, she has really worked hard on her Math this year. A 3rd grader and now a Kindergartner, I will have only 1 home with me some days now! Might be able to get lots more done since he still takes a nap!

The Apples and the Cherries are getting bigger and Asperagus is growing out of my ears here..LOL

I'm off to get caught up on all of my Blogger friends!