Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hocking Hills and Lake Logan Dam Day Trip 6-9-08

Since it's so hot and the kids were getting bored We loaded up and headed out! We went to Hocking Hills for a nice drive and stopped at Cedar Falls for a little walk, DH could only walk a little ways so we will go back another day to finish the 2 1/2 mile hike. One breathtaking few of a tiny waterfall.
Had to pose the kids on this Rock Bench, They love Hamming it up!
This is a crevice hole made by years of water swirling down there, DH played around with my focus on the camera to get this pic for me!
This is how far up we were from it!
This is the Iron bridge that we had to cross, the kids were very slow walking across it and Abigail kept looking down and grabbing for Daddy...Never cried though...I'm proud of her! MMM...Should have tilted the pic for ya.
This is what we saw when looking down!

Then DH was sore so we loaded back up into the car and drove to this tiny Dam, Tankers was amazed and we stopped and let the kids run in the field next to it.
Quick shot of everyone posing, One of the few pics of DH that I grabbed!!!

The field that was next to the Dam, the kids were chasing Butterflies. You'd think that they didn't have 5 acres to play on...LOL...

It was a nice day and everyone came home and vegged out!
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