Sunday, June 29, 2008

Playing Catch Up with Posts

Earlier this week I was Tagged by Fun!! So here we go...
~5 things I do for myself
I read in bed..Love this!
I paint my toenails weekly
I use grocery shopping as my little time
I buy the good chocolate!
I always wear perfume
~5 things I do for friends, my children or my partner
I buy my DH's fav. candy all the time
I pick up the kids Fav. cereals in the morning
I make sure that they all have clean clothes
I try to have alone time with each one of my kids
I love to read to the kids!
~5 things I have done for strangers
I hold the door in stores for them
I let them go first while driving, saves anyone from getting mad!
I try to smile just for fun!
I have helped one stranger, he fell in the grocery store and I helped him up
I often give directions if asked, help out any way I can.
~5 Hobbies I enjoy
Taking care of our horse HOSS
Going for Drives to see new places
So now I have to Tag 5 of if your reading this than it's YOUR turn!! LOLOLOLO :)
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