Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some Sweet Lamp Envy....

I'm like a kid in a candy store, just can't make up my mind..I am in need of some updated Lighting , something with a timeless country feel....
I do love some Roosters though, is this timeless?

I'm looking for a tabletop lamp to put in my Americana living room, I was thinking a simple black tall lamp with a cream lamp shade...

 but this would look so good in my small library, we love our horses!

Well the kids are snuggled in bed and I'm going to go back to drooling over some lamps. Have a lamp pic to share?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

~Coming Soon: A CSN Store Review!~

I was recently contacted to supply a give-away or a review for CSN Stores. I was so surprised to be included in this, I've seen many a blogger have fun and try out new items while doing this and I was full of Blogger envy..Come on admit it..You have blogger envy sometimes too right?!

So after spending half a day browsing the stores and really drooling over lots of items, I have narrowed it down to some much needed pots-and-pans..
I 'm in love with these blue handled ones, afterall I have a blue

Then with some more browsing I saw these and my heart stopped, I love Paula Deen!!!

Oh the choices, which one would you pick if you could pick?

Come back for my review soon Ladies and maybe I'll cook something up!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Watcha Working on Wednesday

I have been putting away my Spring decorations and putting out my Summer decorations, this is my buffet. I read on someone's blog (Sorry, I don't remember who's this morning) that Jo-Anns had some real life looking red flowers so I ran over to pick some out and my mom helped, Thanks Mom! I love how the lamp looks in the basket with the flowers, it gives off a soft glow at night.

On Sunday my DH built this Herb Planter for my bay window, I have basil and some others in there. This was Richards first project and I adore how it turned out and looks so lovely in my window, Thanks Richard!!

No updates on the new job search, We really thought we'd have an idea of our future but so far everything is still up in the air. It's on the back of our minds but we are not dwelling on it, still putting one foot infront of the other and I'm enjoying watching my flowers bloom!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Franklin TN.....Anyone ??

So Richard had his 3 hour interview today in Franklin TN. They do want him if he wants the job...should know more by the end of this week. Please Pray that we have good news! He could start as early as next week.

I'm searching craigslist for houses to rent but since we really need a 4 bedroom it's a slow process. I'll stay here with kids to finish out the school year and do some packing while Richard works and gets to know the area and hopefully find a nice house for us to rent until this house sells. Am I scared of change?  YES   I'm I NOT looking forward to packing up this house alone?  YES  but we need to go where the work is and thank GOD there is family as close as 1 hours drive .

Today I realized that even though I love to craft, I simply have been so busy with life that when I do stop for a minute I prefer to read...Maybe I should re-name my blog to "Stitching Life Together, One Hurdle at a Time"...

I hope I still have a few readers that will be sharing this new journey with me, I promise to post more pics and maybe a Stitch or two Sometime in the future....for now I'm living in piles to be donated and boxes.