Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Searching for the Right Horse takes Time

We have decided that this year is a good time to add to our Family. We are searching for the perfect horse for us. He/She is out there but we are taking our sweet time about it. 

This past Sunday we looked at my Sister's horse named Farrah. She is a sweet horse. Great height for Crystal and Farrah is at a great age to join our Family.
Crystal and Farrah

Sweet Picture

All 3 kids with Farrah

Here is a short video of Crystal's Trainer riding Farrah

So there are some things that we need to discuss about Farrah, She is a fast horse and getting her to Stop is something that Crystal will need to work on. We are thinking of Leasing Farrah with the option to buy later. We would board her at the the Stables where the kids take riding lessons so every day we would be out there. I love the smell of being in a barn and miss it!

Decisions, Decisions

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall Fun Days

Today at the stables was FALL FUN DAYS were there were hayrides, pony rides, pumpkin patch and yummy treats. Crystal was asked to help out all day with the Pony rides which she loves doing and has fun doing it! Abigail and Tank had Saddle Club for about an hour and are going to be able to earn badges after they pass tests and follow thru on activities. They both are learning alot about the different body parts of the Horse and how to act around Horses, ect. 6 weeks of learning the basics and then they will move on to Riding. Here are some pics of our long, fun filled day..I'm still learning my camera and enjoying it!

So many Stalls to be filled

Crystal waiting for another little rider

Fun water game

Learning at Saddle Club

FL Grass Maze

Ribbons earned and a Lunch break

Here is a video of our day if you would like to see more of the Horses.

I Hope your Saturday was just as Much Fun as Ours!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Lake Lizzie Nature Preserve Date

Today Richard had the day off from work and we took this time to go for a Date Hike...all 3 kids were in school. We did take his Ham radio with the plan to hook it up and see who was able to chat.

Many, Many moths ago I was given a new camera, the Canon EOS Rebel XS. It did not come with the instructions so to be honest, it scares me..I know next to nothing about this camera but today I took it out of it's bag and with a full battery, took it on the hike with us. I'll learn as I go and play around with the features but I WILL learn how to use this camera!! 
You may click on the pic. to enlarge them for detail viewing
Tiny Woodpecker of some sort

Shrub/marsh looking out to Lake

Random Wildflowers swaying in breeze

Loved this Path, this pic doesn't do it Justice

Huge Banana Spider between 2 trees

Just a fun shot

Huge drainage pipe as we were exiting Lake Lizzie

After hiking around Lake Lizzie only to find out there are no tables to set up Richard's Ham radio, We drove over to another park that we have been to before and set up his radio there. We didn't get to actually talk to anyone this trip due to a silly little Sun Flare and an annoying call from the Elementary School. 
That was our Friday Date and we are ending it with Cookies and Milk.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Relaxing Sunday!

Sons Lego Minecraft Dude. He built it today. 

Did you Relax today? I did nothing important, fast trip to Wal-Mart with the Hubby/kids then home for a nice nap and now finishing up some laundry to get Hubby out the door tomorrow. The kids have Monday off for a Teacher Duty Work Day. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I Love Free Magazines

See this pile? These all came at once on Tuesday..lol..Good thing I have a big mailbox!

I went thru all my magazines and wrote down the Expiration dates so I can decide if I would like to renew or let a few go, Some are my favs and will def. renew but a few I think I'll let run out as they aren't really to my taste.

What are your Fav. magazines? Have you discovered any new ones? I have seen a few new ones but I haven't picked up or browsed thru them yet, It takes me a few days to read all that I have. I follow Hip2save.com and Coupon saving sites which alert you to free offers.

In this short video I explain more....

Have a Great Day!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Family Rules

Working on this corner of our kitchen today. We found this pic at Wal-Mart on Clearance, I have wanted one like this for some time now. The Bonsai tree I have had for about 2 years so far and I haven't killed her yet. Are Bonsai trees a he or a she? I'm not sure which mine is but it Loves this corner so I'm not about to move her... Guess its a Her!!

I'm joining in on these Parties~

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New Coupon Binder Set Up and Review W/ Video

After about 8 years I was in need of another Coupon Binder, mine was literally falling apart. I dragged Crystal along with me to Staples since I had a Staples coupon and was able to pick this one up. 

Look, it even matches my Day-Planner!

There is a spot to add a Label in the spine and on the top here. I'm not sure how I'll decorate the top yet since I just got it home and organized my coupons inside.
I have put together a more in-depth look inside my Binder here:

Do any of you Coupon or do you just clip one or two here and there?

I'm joining in on these Parties~
No Minimalist here

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Wow. So I belong to this Prim group called "Country Pumpkin". Long story short, due to my families health reasons last month I was unable to get to post office to mail out a Swap. I emailed my swap partner to fill her in on our health situation only to get many PMs calling my very Nasty names and threatening to come to my house and take stuff back. I emailed the guy in charge of this Prim group who was no help. Last night I went public with what was going on, I did not name any names as I'm better than that but this morning by Many of the Ladies over there I'm now being called such things as a Drama Queen and Paranoid. I have reported this lady to FB showing all nasty PMs sent to me but Really How am I the bad guy in this????? I Apologized on the FB page that I was in the wrong, in the wrong for not making time to send this box out. No one really knows how mine or anyones life's really run other than what we choose to show on FB or our Blogs. There are days I show our Good moments and there are days I choose not to share.  This morning my Blog was used against me because I chose to share only the good moments here and not the bad. I could go on and on about what happened but I choose not too.

I have sent back the Lady's Swap Box, here is a picture of the box and a picture of the receipt/tracking number. 
I have learned alot this Morning..The only thing I'm Sorry for here this morning is my poor time management skills.