Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekend Recap

Best deal from Papa Johns Pizza ever! 3 large pizzas plus 16 piece wings for $30.00, 2 large pizzas FREE with coupon codes!!
We ate Dinner on Sat. and then Sunday we had Lunch.

 Friday Richard came home from work with a Cold. We believe he got the cold on the plane while traveling for work. He has alot of traveling coming up for work after Thanksgiving so I'm hoping he remembers to take his vitamins now. Friday night we snuggled in and watched "Turbo", it was a very cute kids movie!

Saturday I took Abigail and Tank to Saddle Club, Crystal stayed home with Richard. She didn't have any Birthday parties to help out with. The 2 youngest are learning so much at Saddle Club! The we ordered Pizza and Abigail spent the night with her friend across the street so while Tank played "Mine Craft", the 3 of us watched "FootLoose" and some other really stupid movie.

Here we are Sunday, We haven't done a thing today other than run out for a paper so I can fill up my Coupon binder. Now it's  night and we are heading to bed early, Crystal is now feeling down and Abby is saying she's cold so I believe we have caught Richard's cold..We shall see what tomorrow brings. 

I'm off to sip some hot tea and relax!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Forever Friday~ A Book Review

Every Friday, a postcard.
Every Friday, a love poem.
Every Friday for sixty years.
Adam Colby is just doing his job, sorting through the unsold Alexander belongings after the estate sale. He is unprepared for what he finds in an old photo album, overlooked by the bargain hounds and treasure hunters—six decades of postcards and poems from Gabe Alexander to his wife, Pearl. The mystery of the Alexanders’ love entices Adam, a man unhinged by divorce and puzzled by the depth of commitment that he finds in the unabashedly romantic cards.
Forever Friday invites you to travel back in time to the early twentieth century Texas Coastal Bend where a young couple—Gabe and Pearl Alexander—are swept up in a miraculous love. As the heartwarming, pulse-quickening story of their relationship develops through Gabe’s poems, the Alexanders reveal a new way to consider what it means to be truly devoted to each other. Could the secrets of their love affair, laid to rest twenty years ago, hold the key to one man’s future?

I haven't done a Book review in some time, I'm not sure why as I Love to read a chapter or a few at night. I really liked this book. The Romance between Gabe and Pearl was so Sweet and reminded me of " The Notebook" which is probably why I just loved this book. It flipp- flopped between Gabe/Pearl's years in the past and then into Gabe's present. The story line was not hard to follow and I really enjoyed the ending with Gabe's choices.

This book was sent to me for Review.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Kitchen Organization-The Blank Wall

I was saving this space for a Hutch but after some months of it being bare ( and looking drab in my YouTube videos) on a whim one afternoon I decided to fill this space with a Beloved table made by my Dad. This table has been moved across states and in different parts of this house.

I would like to find a cheap rug to keep under the dog's bowls, yes they have to stay there. I'm not very fond of the dark wood plant stand next to the lighter wood but it will do until I find a replacement. 
Here is a short video of where I bought most everything and how long it took for my transformation

I'm so happy with the transformation!
I'm joining in on these wonderful Parties~

Friday, November 1, 2013

I'm Loving COACH!

My old COACH purse
I had the Molly Legacy coach purse for about a year and I really did like it it but after less than a year my purse started to show heavy wear on the bottom corners of the purse, there were no feet on the bottom to give it structure so it slouched. Another problem was the COACH emblem on the front was starting to peel off which I was told was why we don't see this anymore on purses. The handles started to show great signs of wear also. I used the heck out of my purse but even after almost a year it shouldn't have started to show so poorly. I started to save up to replace my purse with another one and knew it would be quite awhile before I could replace with a new one.

Today while walking by the COACH store at The Millenia Mall, simply on a whim Richard and I went inside to see if there was something they could do about my purse, maybe a leather lotion to bring it back to life. Surprise, Surprise..being the semi-hoarder that I am I had my receipt in my purse from about a year ago and because of their policy of Returns within the year of purchase (which I was unaware of) I was able to trade my old purse in and just pay the remaining balance on a new purse. I wanted something with a better structure base and keeping within the Red family inorder to still match my COACH wallet. Here she is, my new Purse!! I LOVE the rose gold accents and so far am Pleased with my Surprise for the day! I did purchase the Leather Lotion to keep this one in better shape.

No, this is not a Sponsored post, I'm just really Happy with their Customer Service tonight!