Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Re-Cap

Christmas was a very nice time here at the Graves Household, both G'mas came over along with my sister and even though there were moments of drama mixed in, the kids had a great time. I decided to not film them opening their presents this year like I have done last year because I got some very rude comments about how we had not given the oldest daughter enough presents..I'm not going to even acknowledge them since my oldest daughter is very happy!

We went over to my Step-Sister's and helped her bake/frost cookies and we had a blast!

We ate and ate and today I'm happy that Husband bought me a new bike so we can step up our riding this year! I'm having a great time riding with Husband, great excercise and we get to spend time together outside, something I have missed since moving from the farm.

On Christmas day my Scentsy lightbulb blew out and I bought a Wal-Mart Limited Edition Peppermint candle and we were so disappointed in the scent throw of this candle, even being in the same room with it and we could hardly smell it. What are your fav. store bought candles? I can't always run to BBW for their Slatkin candles or Yankee Candle store.

I leave you with a few pics that I was able to grab with my Iphone as the kids were grabbing seconds of Christmas dinner and one of us at my Step-Sisters frosting cookies.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

An Early Christmas Present, Reading....

This Christmas I was surprised by my Husband with an Kindle Touch, a early Christmas present, My new toy that I'm having so much fun with!

I have already loaded her up with a few FREE Kindle books from Amazon. My Husband surprised me by buying and loading the new Diana GaBolden book "The Scottish Prisoneer". She is my all time fav. author and I'm eagerly awaiting her next book in the Outlander series. I still love hardback books but this is oh so easy to slip in my purse and my nightstand is looking clutter free since I don't have a stack of books on it..I found a nice candle to put in their place!

I am looking for a pretty cover for my Kindle's safe keeping...Do you know of any Etsy shops that sell these or maybe pretty ones in a store?

I'm linking up with Flip Flops & Pearls  for her Christmas Party!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Tree is Trimmed

So we finally trimmed the Christmas tree, It was a nice evening with G'ma Terri and Christmas music playing in the background. 

It has been hard for us to get into the Christmas Spirit this year since FL is still in the 80's and it's getting colder in OH. We are putting our Smiling faces on for the kids though and hoping that next year will be a better year.

I have enjoyed looking at everyone's Christmas decorations and seeing what ya'll have bought this year and the baking I have seen...Yum!!

Am I the only one that will be out finding the last Hot toy of the season? Yup..not done yet with the Christmas year I swear I'll be more prepared but it never works out.

I did receive a Christmas present early and I'm having so much fun with it, I'll share more on this tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Crystal's Christmas Band Concert

Last night Crystal had her Christmas Band Concert.  She did really well, She brought home her Saxophone and practiced Jingle Bells many nights.

She gets her musical talents from her Dad, not from

We are very proud of her!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Enjoying the Body Shop...Small Haul

Can you believe I've never shopped at "The Body Shop"? I have always ran into Bath and Body Works for my goodies. With all the fab. sales going on right now I was able to get 3 body washes with free shipping for less than $15.00.

All 3 smells really good and I can't figure out which one is my fav. My oldest daughter is trying to steal one of

What are your Fav. products from "The Body Shop"?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Christmas Singing- A Romance from the Heart of Amish Country

After Gideon coldly broke her heart, can the warmth of the season revive Mattie’s hopes? 
Mattie thought her childhood sweetheart adored her until he abruptly ended their engagement on Christmas Eve.
Three years later, will learning the truth behind his rejection restore her Christmas joy – or open the door to even deeper heartbreak?
Spend Christmas with the Amish in this story of love, romance, heartache, and restoration.

You may read the very first chapter here : Chapter 1

Many of you know that I LOVE to read books about the Amish, there is something so enjoyable about reading a story about simple times. This Christmas enjoy this new Amish Christmas story for 30% off Plus free shipping using promo code CHRISTMAS11 at .

Let me know if you read this and how you liked it, Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Do You Choose Organics?

I'm researching Organic beauty products. I hope to start the New Year off with new products that are better for our Family. Everything for Bath and Body and some foods, right now we can't afford to go all organic in the pantry so we will start off with health products.

Some items I can pick up at Wal-Mart.
But today I have just confused myself with the choices and variety of items that call themselves Organic.

What do you use, if any, Organic products in your home that I can look at?? With 3 kids and 2 dogs it has to be safe,proven and for me Smell good :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Linda Castillo~ New to Me Amish Mystery Author

After Thanksgiving my middle girl fell ill with a stomach bug that had been going around and since we were resting and getting her on the road to recovery I picked these books up from my Library to pass the days with. 

Now these are not Christian Amish mysteries as there are a few "bad" words and some violence, just to let you know but if you do not have a problem with this than read on...These kept me guessing the whole way! She has a fourth book coming out in 2012 that I will keep an eye out for.

Have you read any good books lately?

This is an exciting new thriller set against an English/Amish backdrop. Some secrets are too terrible to reveal... Some crimes are too unspeakable to solve... Painter's Creek, Ohio may be a sleepy, rural town with both Amish and 'English' residents, but it's also the place where a series of brutal murders shattered the lives of an entire community over a decade ago. When the killing stopped, it left in its aftermath a sense of fragility, and for the young Amish girl, Katie Burkholder, a realization that she didn't belong. Now, 15 years, two dead parents and a wealth of experience later, Katie has been asked to return as Chief of Police. Her Amish background combined with her big-city law enforcement expertise make her the perfect candidate. Katie is certain she has come to terms with the past. Until the first body of a slaughtered young woman is found in a pristine, snowy field...

The sound of a scream in the early morning dawn leads to a case that will change Kate Burkholder's life irrevocably...When the police arrive at the Amish farmstead in Painters Mill they can't imagine the horror that awaits them. An entire family slaughtered: the men shot, the young women tortured and killed. The Amish are peace-loving, gentle folk and the town is shocked by what appears to be a particularly brutal and random killing. But is it random? Every family has its secrets. Kate knows that better than anyone. And as she and Agent John Tomasetti dig deeper into the victim's lives they discover a young woman who was living a lie. A girl who had to live in silence. With her own past resonating, Kate knows she has to maintain some distance. From the case, and from Tomasetti. She knows what could happen if she gets too close. But when she puts herself in the line of fire, she realizes that, this time, there may be no going back.

When Chief of Police, Kate Burkholder, is called to a farm in the Amish community of Painter's Creek, nothing could prepare her for the horror and tragedy she encounters. Solly and Rachel Slabaugh, and his brother Abel, have drowned in the hog pit leaving the four children as orphans. As the investigation progresses, it seems that the Slabaugh deaths were not an accident, and the case suddenly becomes a murder enquiry. Agent John Tomasetti and Kate have worked together before, and now he is called back to Painter's Creek to help seek out the perpetrators of what appear to be serious hate crimes against the Amish. Whether these crimes and the Slabaugh murders are linked is hard to establish because the Amish are very proud and private people who do not enjoy involvement from outside. As the case deepens, Kate develops a bond with the children, particularly the 15-year-old daughter, Solome. Maybe she is reminded of herself at that age, and maybe there's something about this case which stirs up memories for her. The events surrounding the deaths puzzle her - something doesn't feel right. As more information comes to light, a tragic incident turns into something much more shocking.