Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Break 2014

So Spring Break 2014 has started with a trip to our local Barnes and Nobles where we let the kids pick out 1 new book to start reading.

Crystal~Sky on Fire
Abby~Wings of Fire
Tank~Jungle of Bones

After the bookstore we drove over to Melbourne Beach for some quick beach time even though we were not really dressed for the beach, sometimes ya just have to go with the flow and have Fun!
In the car and waiting to gas up
Soaked and Happy
So tomorrow is Monday and the kids have the whole week off , gotta make fun plans!

What do You typically plan on Spring Break?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Nerf Rebelle

We were one of a many that was chosen to host the Nerf Rebelle House Party!

All of this came via UPS and OMGOSH the kids are so excited! We are sending out invites for a little friends get together. Richard will print out some fun and unique targets and we will see which side wins!

The party will be on the 29th and I'll of course take pictures and a quick video.

We want to Thank House Party and Nerf Rebelle for giving us this box of Fun!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

From Country to Tuscan?

Going from Country to Tuscan/French Country?

Can it be done?
Bought this for $10.00 from a local lady. No scratches and glass frame!

Bought this wrought iron/glass table from a local lady for $40.00, not a blemish on it!

For years now I've decorated in Americana/Farmhouse but since moving to FL I've felt out of sorts with our decorations. 

Slowly we will be replacing our decorations with French Country/Tuscan. Richard is liking the idea and I feel like my decorating mojo is back!

So if you decorate in this look, Please share what Magazines or books should I start browsing thru to grasp a better concept of it all!

I did happen to pop into a Kirklands on Sunday and I am in Love with that store, Where have I been??!!

I will be back soon with an new Kitchen tour!

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Inspire Me Tuesday
Wow Us Wed.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Exciting Photo Opportunity!

Just Sharing a great photo of Crystal and Joey that Grandma and her good friend Jane took today. Some of which may be used for an advertisement in the Tampa FL area. We shall see!!
Abigail eagerly waiting and listening to help

Thursday, March 6, 2014

What I'm Reading this Month

I only chose 2 books and 1 magazine to read this month. 

This month will be busy with Tanks 9th Birthday and The American Heiress is almost 500 pages long. 

What are you Reading this Month?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Horsey Stitches, No Stove and Colds

Last Friday night was a Doozy!

Joey freaked out while in the cross ties, we don't know why or what spooked him but he did a number on himself, ended up needed emergency stitches on his lip where he tore it. After 7 days the vet will come back and remove his stitches. The swelling has gone down and he's back to being his sweet self. For now we are not going to be putting back into the cross ties until we are able to get Crystal's trainer out here to work with him.

So after the Vet left and Joey was tucked in for the night I went to fix a fast dinner, it was late and we were tired, I was thinking about some tator tots/nuggets and a veggie. As I was waiting for the stove to heat up the element decides now is a good time to die. Alot of sparking, smoking and even though I turned off the oven in a panic, It kept going almost causing a fire! So fast forward to today, we are still without a stove, Landlady said one is supposed to be delivered sometime on Thursday..I'm thankful for my Crock-pot and our Grill. 

Last night I started to feel run down and had a slight sore throat so I went to bed early but this morning it's so much worse, every time I swallow it feels like I'm swallowing glass. Ouch!! 

I wanted to post every day in March but these past few days have run me down.

I'll be back with a Happier post in a few days, I have ton's of posts I want to do but have no energy to do them.