Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mommy Style and Hair

Have you ever woken up and looked into your closet and cried? Are you happy with your hairstyle? My day to day wear is Jeans and a I wanted something more so I put on a White Button down with my Jeans, added a pretty blue necklace that my Sister made me for my birthday. It's not much but around here with 3 kids running around and mucking'm at a loss!

I've been thinking about my hair today too, it's very long and straight and I've never colored or had it permed...rather boring really...I'm thinking about getting it cut and donating it, I've heard of ppl doing this for Cancer patients and Wigs. How long does it need to be? I'm not sure but probably longer than mine..I'm going to call around today and see if I can get any info.

So What is your Mommy style? What do you throw on every day? Have any "Glam" it up tips?
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