Friday, October 10, 2008

~Bookworm Friday~

In her new novel, Kring (The Book of Bright Ideas) crafts a beautiful, witty story that rings with heartbreak, hope and laughter. Lucy McGowan is a 12-year-old genius with a photographic memory, an even more brilliant brother, Milo (IQ: 180), and a single mother, Tess, living in Chicago. What Lucy has that her brother doesn't is curiosity and people smarts, a quality that propels her to unearth the hidden relationships and buried secrets of her family. An imaginative and headstrong girl, Lucy finds herself on a grim family visit to her sickly, estranged grandfather in Timber Falls, Wis. Witnessing her mom's unshakable hatred for her dying father, Lucy begins to investigate her family's past; her love for the sick old patriarch she knows is challenged repeatedly by what she finds out about the angry, abusive man he used to be. Kring's brilliance lies in her powerful reversals and revelations, taking readers and characters on a dramatic, emotional roller coaster.

As you know I get the magazine ALL YOU, they have started a book club with this being the first book. I usually like to read the fast reading, no plot, fun books...I'm glad that I didn't over look this book, I like how it's written by the 12 year old's point of view. Last night I had a hard time putting it down, You have to keep reading to see what happens next! This book makes you stop and think about you parents before they were your parents...I also stopped and thought about what my kids will think if they get ahold of one of my old I'm more that half-way done and by tonight I should be finished. I'm not sure how it will end but it can only get better for Lucy!
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