Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Whatcha Working On Wed.

I Love Freecycle! We needed a dresser for A's room but the ones that I really wanted were so pricey, so after being offered an old dresser from a nice Freecycler, I ran with the truck and grabbed's in VERY USED shape and I was sad at the state of this dresser, not what I had in mind for A's room but after staring at it..DH says..I can work with this!! So out comes the sander and a trip to Wal-Mart for White spray paint! After sanding it down with the help of A.. DH began to spray paint..only to find that the paint was too thin and not covering the dresser like it today I need to go back and get some plain white paint and have a painting party. A is really excited, now she doesn't have to share a dresser with Sissy! I'm looking for some adorable drawer pulls in the shabby chic look-alike. A is really the princess in the family!

We are working in the barn today, Since the horses have been out to pasture the cobwebs have taken over and little things have moved in..It's a rainy cloudy day and now muddy..We have alot of work ahead of us to get ready for winter!

Yesterday I received my prize that I won awhile back...Sadly the bowl broke in shipment. I adore that Americana plate and the candles smell so nice.. Thanks so Much !
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