Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's Not Normal!!

I was watching "The Starter Wife" last night after the kids went to bed, had wheeler (cat) curled up in my lap and Cocoa (dog) laying at my feet..I walked into the kitchen to grab something and this is what I found when I came back!! Cocoa knows not to get on the couch..I snapped the pic and told her down..she gave me those poor puppy eyes...never mind that we have a huge dog bed for her behind the was actually purring too..How funny!

I won a Blog give-away and I got these cute wood blocks in my mail on Thursday! Now they sit on my counter next to A's pumpkin that she got from a school field trip! Thank You so much!

I stayed up way to late last night, DH is in Michigan till Sunday evening visiting his mom and grabbing books for my future bookstore. Very easy weekend, the kids and I will go the the park and just hang outside.

Enjoy your Saturday!
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