Thursday, November 6, 2008

Laid Off~ Trouble

Okay...I'm sitting here shaking..DH just called and said that he has been laid off! He is on his way home now..The company is laying off tons of ppl, here in columbus and in Dallas TX...Richard and 3 other guys were told this morning...DH has gotten a good severence package so he feels okay about that but now is the unknown...We are confident that DH can pick up another good paying job..It's just that we are not sure where this will be yet..Out of state or here...We have to let my truck go and MAYBE sell HOSS..My heart will break if we do..He's just a good ole pasture horse....

I'll know more details later when he gets home and we can really talk.

I know I'm Rambling..I'm Sorry...I'll be missing for a few days as we get a better idea of the future.
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