Monday, November 3, 2008

HOSS's New Playground!

This weekend we were so busy outside finishing up the fence and Sunday we tightened the last gate screw! Sunday evening we let HOSS explore and it was a little exciting to say the least, he bolted and ran the whole fence line but thank goodness he didn't try to jump..Today he was much calmer when we let him out. Last night was so funny though..It was dark by the time feeding came around and we stood at the gate calling and calling for him..I grabbed a flashlight and walked down the hill to find that he was at his old feeding spot in his old pasture..he nickered at me..I know he was confused..It will take him a while to realize that he is able to walk around more and he now comes in every night. Pipen also got a shave Sunday and her owner worked with her all day.
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