Monday, November 24, 2008

Sewing Room Reveal

It's been months in the making but we are now finished..I am so excited to share with ya'll today! I still have to find storage for some craft items but most is put away. DH has built a wall where there was none before and added a door..We have painted a nice shade of yellow..still need to find some curtains for the window..You can tell how yucky it is now have space for my quilt table to unfold in the middle of the room and notice my new sewing machine wall..The cabinet holds all of my fabric still but I have the addition of cable T.V. for my fav. shows. We found a home for the futon on the wall for guests..still need to hang some things today. OH and Please notice my NEW carpet..DH bought it from work many months ago, the color is a mixed Blue and looks nice with the Yellow walls..they are carpet tiles that you stick down..very nice and easy to clean! We hope to be able to put up a drop ceiling some time in the future.

Sorry that the pics are dark and grainy..Very yucky day mixed with an old

Can you see/think of any more storage ideas? I'd love some shelves above the quilt table one day.
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