Monday, November 30, 2009

Prim Decorating Help Today Needed

Sorry this is the only pic of my really long wall I have today since DH took my camera with him. The wall that the couch is on is really long, I already have 1 peg board on it but want to put up another one on the other end of the you think that 2 different peg boards on the same wall is to much? I have new furniture too and will post pics after our tree is up.

I'm also looking for a sign for our bedroom that says "Always Kiss Me Goodnight", I'd love it in black with cream letters...Anyone out there can help me?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from Our Family to Yours

Happy Thanksgiving All!

This morning we are watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, eating donuts and drinking hot chocolate which is a tradition for us. Later I will start a small turkey breast and some fixings, not too much this year because DH is in Tennessee with his very sick sister who is still in the hospital.

I'm thankful for God, Family and good friends. I'm also thankful for my House, I love how the sun comes thru the windows and how it shelters us from the world some days.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Summer Recap, Catching-up before Holidays

Here is a re-cap of some of the fun lil things we did this Summer. Today I'm running to the store to grab last minute Thanksgiving fixins and a Library run for fun movies to keep everyone happy!

Fun new faucet with a lil turn spout, kids love this, I love the white knobs.

First day of School, How happy and excited they were to be off and running for the bus.

Learning how to can with great Friends..This is Zuccinni Relish and Green Beans.

Carving Pumpkins with Family and Friends!

Excercising HOSS..He loves getting attention!

Hope ya'll are enjoying the Holidays!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


After a grueling long drive home from Tennessee visiting DH's sister, getting in at about 3 am and having only 4 hours of sleep..I'm sipping hot coffee and browsing this lil sweet book. Tomorrow starts getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Please pray for Wendy as she goes in for more surgery today at 2pm..this is a biggy and will need a long hospital stay after wards. DH is with her today and will be on his way home after a few days to see how she is doing recovering in Hospital.

Friday, November 20, 2009

First Ever Easy Sew Skirts- Week 1

So since this blog is supposed to be about my Stitches I have set myself a goal of posting a project a week.

These are a pair of skirts I stitched together, so easy to measure the girls waist and straight stitch some elastic in the waistband. I had been putting this off for some time cuse I was afraid of messing it up. The girls are happy with their skirts and I'm happy I met my goal. I love the little pink roses!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Prim Friends on FaceBook

I'm looking for more prim friends on Facebook, I like Facebook better than Twitter. Care to be my'm Heather Graves on there.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Back Home

Wendy's surgery went very well, it was not as long as the Dr thought and it turned out to be a fairly simple fix. It was a bit of scar tissue from the radiation, the Dr sniped it and the lower intestine bounced right back into place, she is eating and holding foods down and yesterday she was able to get up and walk to the nurses station and outside for some fresh air, the Dr is slowly weaning her off the pain meds but she is no hurry to go home, she wants to feel 100% first. It was a Blessing to be there and cheer her up after surgery. I was able to go because my mom and DHs mom took the time to watch the kids and get them to school for us, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

While Wendy was sleeping after surgery that night DH and I found a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, so very funny, more a comedy than a mystery. I had never been to one and I'd love to find another one around my area one day. The food was not very good but it was great to laugh after the worry and stress.

On the way home we stopped in Tennessee at "The Lost Sea Adventure". It's an hour long tour thru an cave which leads you to a underground lake. I was able to grab some pics and will post those in my next blog.

After being away for 3 days I have more laundry than I can handle in one day and I have to jump right back into Mommyhood which I'm finding is not so easy..Am I the only one that finds it hard after being away for a long time. How do you handle the transition?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SIL Surgery Tomorrow and Update

WOW, things can change is such a short amount of time..My SIL has been in the hospital with a severe lower intestine blockage and DH ran down for the weekend to sit with her and cheer her up last weekend, I stayed here with the kids. Last night she got home from the Hospital since she was holding down food. Today DH got a call that she is back in the Hospital and is having emergency surgery to remove the blockage tomorrow sometime..this is a scary surgery has they will cut out the blockage and reconnect the 2 portions of intestine together. DH might drive back down to Tennessee to be with family in the Hospital and I'll stay here with the kids since we have no babysitter. The doctor says that it is because of the chemo/rad. she has had for her cancer.

Please Pray for Wendy to get thru this!

On the homefront here the girls are doing Fab. in school this year, mostly Bs and Cs. We are so happy because last year was such a struggle for Crystal. Last Summer we made the decision to remove TV's from the kids rooms and have just one TV down in the basement for DVDs only as a reward. We also cut off cable (to save money cuse Richard was out of a job then)...It has shown us that it was a good decision for us as a family, Crystal is reading more and her people skills have improved. Abigail has made a A in math. This worked and is working for us but it might not work for everyone...The few shows that I do like to watch I watch on HULU and get new movies from the library.
I think I'll decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving..There is Christmas music on the radio here in OH already!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Thinking Christmas Yet?

DH wants me to ask when ya'll start to decorate for Christmas? Do you start the day after Thanksgiving or sooner?

We are getting excited and have started to listen to some Christmas music as we clean house already, It helps since it was so cold last night and will be very cold today here in Ohio.

Thanks for thoughts and prayers, I'm doing somewhat better this week so far!