Sunday, December 30, 2007

It was a Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was really nice and slow, On Sat. while the kids napped I was able to finish 3 pillows..All stitched up and no place to go. Haven't decided on or a simple Picturetrail page. We then were able to really work with Hoss outside, combed him down and picked his hooves, his Thrush is still there but not getting worse. It's because everything is so soggy. I stayed up really late and read the new Kathy Reichs book, DH and I love the tv show "Bones" so I'm trying to read the books, so far I am drawn into it. On Sunday we did our usual pancake breakfast and didn't rush the morning, I finished up a simple stitchery for a new towel and will finish it tomorrow. We ran out and burned some fallen brush that had been adding up for some time now, trying to get some chores done around here before the real snow moves in. The little ones are getting over a bad cold and my 8 yr old is over at G'ma house spending the night. We are ending the weekend here with our first fire in the fireplace, it past the inspection on Friday!
My mom made our Christmas stockings, She is in the process of making one more for my son.
I'll leave the hooks in the mantle, I'm on the lookout for something to hang there. There are 5 little hooks, Any ideas?

Friday, December 28, 2007

A Very Happy Christmas!

We had such a happy Christmas, the pics are still on my camera. We had my mom here and DH's mom and her DH. We cooked Ham and all the trimmings and many cookies. This weekend my Sister and her new baby will be visiting and I'm so excited, We have not seen each other since the 4th of July. I'm cleaning house and packing up Christmas and trying to arrange the furniture, since we have only been here for about 6 months now I'm still trying to find the right arrangement for our living room. We are having the fireplace inspected today and I'm hoping that it passes so I can get one of those Java Logs, Has anyone used one before?

I'm finishing up some pillows and making another towel in hopes of getting my little shop open sometime in Jan.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

MMM...Can I Play?

This is another pic of our kitty Wheeler, looking thru our front door, not sure what he's stalking!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wheeler, Our Kitty

This is Wheeler, our outside kitty that we rescued when he was just a tiny thing that could fit in my hands. We went for a drive one Sat. and was behind a pack of people on bikes, I'm sorry if I have offended those that do this but I'm not sure what to call you.....Anyhoooo..this guy stops and squirts water on this tiny black creature that was running after his bike in the middle of the road and surrounded by cars! At first we thought he was a skunk but Wheeler chose at that time to turn around and stare at me while we were creeping along...So I begged DH to stop and I ran out and grabbed him and he purred in my arms the whole way home! Now, He is an outside cat because DH is allergic to cats BUT DH has a soft spot for this cat...Wheeler is allowed to come in and stay in the laundry room if it's cold outside, rainy outside or if DD is at the bus stop and wheeler chases after her, yes DH has a soft spot! We hope that Wheeler will grow up to be a good mouser for our barn, right now he likes to climb up on our bird feeder and try to make nice with the cardinals.

Today was the usual chores, Laundry...getting 2 little ones out the door so that I could get some groceries in this house and tonight we baked DH's cookies, He calls them HACKER cookies. He got the recipe from a book he was reading, basically they are C. Chips with Cocoa thrown in. They are sooooo good!

I'm going to go grab a cuppa tea and a cookie and my good book tonight and enjoy in the silence.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Our Christmas Tree in Our New House

Thought I'd share with you some random pics of our first Christmas tree in our new house, We have only been here for about 6 months now! I'm not sure why it's sideways! We put the tree up after thanksgiving while G'ma and family were here from out of state. They added some presents underneath and that night we had an early Christmas.

I did get our Christmas cards finished today...YAY!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007


It's a wet, rainy, foggy night here and everyone is tucked in for the night. DH is on call and now is on the phone. Please bear with me as I learn the world of Blogging. I'm very excited to be able to share my Stitcheries with ya'll.

Here are 3 kitchen towels that I have finished last week. They are for decoration only, I'm not sure how absorbent they are. I plan on making more and selling them, I have something in the works for the new year!

We are almost ready for Christmas, the tree is up and now the stockings are too, DH screwed the nails into our new mantle tonight, so very happy with the turnout! I joined a Cookie Swap this year and will be baking for the rest of the week, looking forward to the many cookies that I'll freeze and serve on Christmas.