Monday, August 18, 2008

~Our New Family Addition~

What a weekend, We did a bunch of nothing! Sat. I ran with my mom to an Antique store and browsed, I did find a cowbell to ring when the kids are in the pasture playing and then came home to a chicken BBQ. Sunday we lounged around and took a long nap..hence not being able to sleep now!

The neighbor's dog had puppies here recently and yesterday their son came over and asked if we wanted one, of course being the softies that we are we couldn't say no. We are not sure of breed, prob. a lab mix.

Please Welcome "Coffee"..We are playing around with names, It's a She.

She loves to lay on this toy for some reason
Look at those eyes!

So now we have:

HOSS- Horse
Sniffer- dog
Cocoa- dog
Coffee?- puppy
Wheeler- Cat

Our little farm is growing up!
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