Thursday, August 7, 2008


Well it's Friday 1:06 am..I can't sleep. I was over at my Moms and Sis's visiting and had a diet coke so I guess the caffeine got me. I dislike getting older, caffeine used to never bother me..LOL..

DH went to the DR's yesterday and had an the DR is telling him that it looks like he tore some cartilidge? in his knee NOT a ligament..Monday DH has to have an MRI and then the DR will talk about what needs to be done. The DR did not want to talk about options without the MRI so we are still unsure of what the next step will be. DH was told NOT to drive his car ( stickshift) because it could cause more damage to his knee. Now that means that he has to drive my truck which is a nice gas guzzler! MMM...Not looking forward to driving his car, I hate stickshifts!

I'm slowly working on my Willow Tree leaves...Maybe this weekend I can get some time to finish it.

Enjoy your Friday!
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