Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

Leslie is away at a Fair but I'd Love to share what I've been up to still! It's a rainy Wed. here..I think it's remnants of TS Fay, It's gonna be a slow steady rain all day they said and boy it is gross outside!

Here is a fabric 1976 calendar that I found at a garage sale, It looks very Americana so I stitched it up into a pillow..Look at the vibrant colors!
Here is the back..It's so neat! I haven't seen very many of these made into pillows. Now to decide to keep or Etsy it..LOL..

Here is a goody box that I received from Katie at She is changing her decor and I'm just starting out with Roosters so it was a win/win!! I'm still waiting on a very cute lamp that goes with the set, I will set it up on my counter and show pics after I get it.
Here is the box full of Rooster goodness! Now to transform...
close up of my old curtains..Very nice but I think a little dark for the wall with the wood trim
We have plans to paint this kitchen yellow too, I have always wanted a yellow kitchen!
Here is the new curtains up..Much brighter in here now!
Here is the wall that is giving me trouble, it's a big space and that stupid light makes everything look off to me. Onward with the Rooster search to fill this wall..LOL.. Thank You very much Katie! My kitchen is so much brighter today!
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