Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hoss and Apples Plus Peach Recipes

Boy We are all sluggish here today, early this morning at 4:33 there was a nasty thunderstorm, kids woke up and was able to get back to sleep afterwards but I was unable to until 6 am, then 9 am came and I'm still sipping on coffee..LOL..

My mom brought over some Peaches from her tree, I was wondering if ya'll could share your recipes/ideas for Peaches here...I don't think that there is enough for canning perserves but maybe a simple cobbler...

Here is our burn pile for this weekend, I'm almost afraid to burn it...very tall and LOTS of trees in there!
Okay Had to share this..see that apple tree in the background? When we put the fence in we just thought it was a tree...no apples last year cuse of the drought...this year..WOW! SO every day there seems to be less and less...this morning I caught them in the act!! Thank goodness we have 4 in our yard!! I can't wait for apple pie...Again YUMMO!!

It's still cloudy and breezy here this afternoon...Enjoy the rest of your Tues!
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