Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

We have been crazy busy here this week, First our stove that came with the house stopped working..After pulling it away from the wall we found a burnt wire...very lucky that it didn't cause a fire! So after researching on the net the price of a new double stove to fit this space and gasping..We have decided to use our old stove that was in the garage...

The big Mamma Stove...LOL..
Look at this little tiny!! DH says that he will try to build some sort of cabinet so that it fits better in the space...I have missed my stove..I love the flat stove top and the color blue!

We also had the Farrier out this morning at 9 am sharp to trim HOSS's feet..Good News..HOSS's thrush has cleared up and we are so happy!!
While Josh was here he also trimmed Pipen's tiny feet...Sorry not a clear pic but you can see her small hoof...Josh was laughing at the size difference between HOSS's and Pipen's feet.
Here's our Big Boy HOSS..He is so well-behaved!.. and I love how this pic shows off his shiny coat! It always fun when Josh comes to trim..lots of jokes and laughing and plenty of good horse stories.

Later today DH goes to get his MRI of his knee..He is trying to walk around without wrapping it.

Busy Wed. here for us and it's only lunch time!! Enjoy your Day :)
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