Thursday, August 28, 2008

Abigail's first Day of School!

Yesterday was Abigail's first day of K and first day on the bus! It was a rainy gross day but she still wanted to wear her new skirt. We got her on the bus and Crystal is watching over her, I'm a nervous ninny about Abby on the bus and didn't go to far from the phone in case something happened at school. While the kids were at school Tankers and I played blocks, cleaned his room and played with his cars..watched boomerang and I had a relaxing time stitching while he sat next to me. I have to say that he has such a different personality than Abigail..not loud and so far not very demanding...I think he missed his Sissy too!

Tonight we go to the school and have Open House, thank goodness they split it up in 1/2 hour intervals for those of us that have multiple kids.

It's still rainy and cloudy..I'm making home-made beef stew today and will let it simmer all day.
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