Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

Today is a hot humid cloudy day...and for some reason the power went out this morning and just now cam back on...Horrible when our power goes out cuse we are on a well and no power, no water! I'll make this short incase the power goes out again...LOL..

I'm finished with the trunk on the Willow tree and now I'm busy working on the leaves..It's taking me a long time for the leaves...I hope to work on it and have it finished by Friday..I have plans on staining it and turning it into a pillow and adding it to my Etsy shop! I'm loving the details, I was nervouse about starting this because of all of the details but I'm finding it relaxing!
My mom dropped a box of books off...I have read all of these and I'm going to go thru them and put some aside for my Future bookstore..I'm going to offer some on here but if you see one you want (if you can see..LOL..) just let me know. I'm working on these today because the box is sitting in my bedroom and blocking the doorway!

Enjoy your Wed. !
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