Friday, May 30, 2014

Quick Organizational Projects in time for Summer

This wall by our back door is NOT working. I have tried with the basket but the shoes Never end up in the basket for some reason. 

So while shopping at WalMart I found this 2-tier Expandable Shoe Rack. 

Hopefully it will be the start of some nicely organized kids this Summer. 

I hope!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It Started With...

It does pay to wait!

I saw this Paper Towel holder on a Blog and then on Pinterest but the price is out of our budget so I put it on my "Want List"...

Last night after getting back from the Hospital with Abigail I was browsing a local sale site and IT was posted for sale by an "Celebrating Home" party lady that was selling some of her stock. IT was posted so low I had to jump on it. 
Don't you Love it!

Of course then I had to re-arrange the rest of my Decor, I even omitted some Decor that I wasn't feeling anymore, not to worry..all is just packed away in a cabinet. 

I'm not done yet with my kitchen so I'll post an update soon!

Hope your enjoying your Day!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Saturday Shopping Hauls

Richard had to run to Radio Shack so I took my time browsing around our local Hallmark store which is closing in June. I was able to score these small items for under $14.00, everything was 50% off. My kids Love those WEBKINZ and play the game on-line 

While shopping at Walmart I found these New Limited Edition Renuzit in some Yummy scents...

I hope everyone is having a great Holiday weekend!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Brown and Teal Bedding Change....

I'm sick in bed with a killer cold that Richard brought home from his travels this week, We have already gotten a call from the school about Abigail not feeling well either.

Since I'm stuck in bed I was laying here thinking of our Bedding..It's the Ralph Lauren Chaps brand we have had it for 7 years and although it's so pretty I'm wishing on a change but I have to find something that will work in our Country decor.

How about the top pic? I have nothing that matches but i'm in LOVE with the colors!

Please all my Country Decor friends, pass me your ideas and websites for my new color scheme!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

CVS Coupon Haul...Still at It

I had been slacking in the Couponing world, just no real motivation to clip coupons every Sunday and organize my coupon binder.

After last weeks developing lifestyle change of Homeschooling our oldest due to troubles with her classmates, I sat down and looked at my Coupon binder. Our need to save money is greater than before so I need to jump back in with both feet.

I ran to CVS since they had a great deal of cereal on sale, Richard prefers the Special K cereal which is very pricey at Publix. I had awesome coupons from that they sent to me. My out-of-pocket for everything pictured was just $18.75..I saved over 64 percent this trip!

Don't overlook the Drugstores for savings on food items!

I'm clipping coupons today and re-organizing my Coupon binder, let's see how long I can keep this up this time. I know the pay-off will be worth it to have our Smiling daughter home with us!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bullying and Homeschooling...Choices We Make....

Today will not be a Decorating post. It's a Life post, another new chapter in our lives.

One that we hope will be for the best and help our Daughter out in so many ways. 

 So yesterday started off at 11:00 with 3 texts from our oldest in 8th grade middle school for me to come now and pick her up at school because of 4 girls that were wanting to fight her at lunch, same girls that has caused us much tears this year due to Drama, I go to the school and talk to daughters advisor only to learn that there is nothing they can do other than have daughter write out a statement about the threats to her and the girls will be "interviewed". Long story short today was the "straw that broke the camels back" and both Husband and I were on the same page on pulling her out today. Our daughter has cried and her attitude has changed for the worst over this ever since the beginning of school this year. This is not the worst case of Bullying I have seen/heard of but we do feel like it is a form of Bullying and we are very upset that the school has Shrugged our concerns off. Our first step tomorrow is to call the FL Virtual School and start the process of Virtual School and see how Daughter does. Our other 2 kids will stay in Public till we get oldest settled with this. We are starting the paperwork for Virtual School, which is classes on-line from the comfort of our home. We will get incontact with a Homeschooling group here in our town and go to the events and Hopefully we will see a change in oldest daughters behavior. Part of me is excited to start this new chapter and see how we do but part of me is also nervous about if I can even do this and if we have made the right choice for our daughter's future...So much to think on.. 

 Do any of you Homeschool, Please share your story with me here or feel free to Private Message me.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

I Love to Decorate But...

I'm feeling like I have too much Clutter on my Counters. I have been purging and re-arranging like mad. This morning while cooking breakfast I had no room for plates. 

Here are my results so far...
I still need to work on the counter next to my Keurig tomorrow while everyone is gone for the day. 

Still not ready to let go of the Rooster glass cutting board, when my kids were younger I taught them to put all juice cups and glasses on it and to this day all 3 do this. 

I would like to find a wide enough basket to add to this arrangement at some point, I'll know it's "the one" when I see it. 

Already it's feeling better in here. I omitted the Fruit bowl, it was just too large for my small kitchen and I will be putting our fruits in the fridge from now on. I also omitted some items that were very pretty to look at but didn't really serve a purpose. 
Do you have those?

Friday, May 2, 2014

New Magazine Finds Today

Today while shopping at Publix I found these 2 New magazines. 

I'm so Glad it's Friday so I can laz around and read these both from cover to cover!

What's your plans this Weekend?