Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bullying and Homeschooling...Choices We Make....

Today will not be a Decorating post. It's a Life post, another new chapter in our lives.

One that we hope will be for the best and help our Daughter out in so many ways. 

 So yesterday started off at 11:00 with 3 texts from our oldest in 8th grade middle school for me to come now and pick her up at school because of 4 girls that were wanting to fight her at lunch, same girls that has caused us much tears this year due to Drama, I go to the school and talk to daughters advisor only to learn that there is nothing they can do other than have daughter write out a statement about the threats to her and the girls will be "interviewed". Long story short today was the "straw that broke the camels back" and both Husband and I were on the same page on pulling her out today. Our daughter has cried and her attitude has changed for the worst over this ever since the beginning of school this year. This is not the worst case of Bullying I have seen/heard of but we do feel like it is a form of Bullying and we are very upset that the school has Shrugged our concerns off. Our first step tomorrow is to call the FL Virtual School and start the process of Virtual School and see how Daughter does. Our other 2 kids will stay in Public till we get oldest settled with this. We are starting the paperwork for Virtual School, which is classes on-line from the comfort of our home. We will get incontact with a Homeschooling group here in our town and go to the events and Hopefully we will see a change in oldest daughters behavior. Part of me is excited to start this new chapter and see how we do but part of me is also nervous about if I can even do this and if we have made the right choice for our daughter's future...So much to think on.. 

 Do any of you Homeschool, Please share your story with me here or feel free to Private Message me.

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