Sunday, May 4, 2014

I Love to Decorate But...

I'm feeling like I have too much Clutter on my Counters. I have been purging and re-arranging like mad. This morning while cooking breakfast I had no room for plates. 

Here are my results so far...
I still need to work on the counter next to my Keurig tomorrow while everyone is gone for the day. 

Still not ready to let go of the Rooster glass cutting board, when my kids were younger I taught them to put all juice cups and glasses on it and to this day all 3 do this. 

I would like to find a wide enough basket to add to this arrangement at some point, I'll know it's "the one" when I see it. 

Already it's feeling better in here. I omitted the Fruit bowl, it was just too large for my small kitchen and I will be putting our fruits in the fridge from now on. I also omitted some items that were very pretty to look at but didn't really serve a purpose. 
Do you have those?

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