Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Trip to Aldi and Coupons at Kroger's

My Kroger's here in town is offering a limited time special of Double Doubling their coupons, between the coupons and store brand I did alright!

While G'ma watched the kids today DH and I went to our local Aldi's to check them out, it has been months since I was in there, before the remodel. We were very surprised with the prices and selection. We grabbed some canned goods and lots of PB&J for the kids.

This is a very well stocked pantry for us, Hopefully when old-man Winter comes knocking I'll be still want to get paper products..I'll see what CVS has tomorrow.

Don't forget to grab you Sunday paper, there will be at least 5 inserts of Coupons! Might have to buy 2 this time!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Weekend, I'm Tivo'ing "You've Got Mail" right now so that I can watch it tonight after the kids are in bed..One of my Fav. Movies!
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