Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hay Fieldtrip

We had to run and get Hay for the Old Man Hoss so we loaded up and went out for a Drive, it was 8 miles from our house and this guy had 185 was so big, I thought our 5 acres was alot!

The kids loved watching us unload!

I had to get up in the back of the truck and sweep up all the loose Hay and Hoss popped his head over the stall wall to say "HI"...LOL..Funny Guy!

Please keep your thoughts on Hoss tomorrow, We have the vet coming out to look at his Ringbone, It's acting up and causing him much pain..We can't keep him on meds for a long stretch of time cuse of complications so We have to see what the vet says about how much longer Hoss has with us.
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