Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Whatcha Working On Wed.

Laundry Room Touch-Up

I have seen some very pretty laundry rooms on Blogger here within the last few weeks, I have laundry room envy! The house came with this awful paneling and dark shelves. I would love to paint and get real cabinets to hide my stuff...some stuff I can hide in my antique baskets but not those tall dorky liquid laundry soap bottles..Am I the only one that still used the liquid kind..the powder is so very pretty and elegant in those glass bottles. I have a small collection of antique baskets and for awhile there I started to collect anything Amish, you can see a few in my laundry room. I dusted and moved alot out of here, it has become the catch-all for recycling, pets, and camping..uugghh. This is what I have done today on this very cold snowy slow day, the kids have come home early from school and are doing homework now.

Yes, that is Wheeler, he doesn't know that he is really an outside
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