Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Sad Sewing Corner

I have noticed that some of you ladies have Fab. looking sewing ROOMS with plenty of storage and COLOR!! I'm full of sewing room envy! My little sewing corner is in my basement, I have no storage except one cabinet and the color is bland puke green...no wonder I have no desire to start a quilt..it's depressing down here..At least with my Stitches I can take it anywhere..LOL.. Let's take a stroll thru ...NO Lets just stand and cry as we look and shake our heads...If you see or have any inspiration/thoughts PLEASE share!

My sewing machine is a White brand and has not given me any trouble so far..I like the simplicity of it..I have tons of batting/stuffing for my pillows...
DH's computer stuff keeps getting in my way...He always has spare parts around..Keyboards sticking out of boxes..SHEESH
I have my fabric in the wood cabinet there and my Etsy items in a clear box next to it. I have tried to make this corner as nice as I can...Doesn't look so nice in this pic..
Here is how it looks walking into my little corner..I even get a basement window! The walls are brick and that's why we haven't put up shelves..I'm thinking a nice yellow to brighten up the space? Maybe put this on HGTV and have someone come Fab. it up for me..LOL..

There I have shared my sad secret..LOL..My little sewing corner.
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