Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

I have been busy hanging pics and organizing, I have this weird thing about hanging pics, I want it to be perfect and until I know it will be or get fed up I won't hang anything, I buy stuff to hang and it sits till the urge strikes...well...this week I have had enough of looking at bare walls in my house! We still have to finish painting but atleast the echo is less in here now! I love Americana and am trying to collect it and change out my non-Americana items, I slow process since funds are tight but I'm willing to barter my pillows and have asked far I have gotten some Adorable items! So take a peek at my walls now!

Love how this wall turned out and you can see the yellow that we have started, It will go around the whole living room soon.
I added the hearts yesterday..the ribbin on the hearts matches the blue lampshade. Under the pics/hearts I'm waiting on DH to help me hang my Americana shelf.
Here is a sign that is on my list to get changed out, I REALLY want an "Pledge of Allegiance" sign in Blue...I'm on the Hunt...LOL.. This one will then move to my kitchen.
Here is my "Pay It Forward" that I got in the mail...ADORABLE! I'm fixing a fall basket and this little guy is going in it to sit on my buffet.

Update on Coffee~ After a rough day yesterday not feeling well she is running all over the house today and her ears are perked up! I'm having a blast taking her out every 5 mins. for potty breaks..NOT...LOL..

Tomorrow is Crystal's first day of 3rd grade! We are running out to find her a few new shirts later this afternoon. She is excited!

Enjoy your Wed!
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