Sunday, December 30, 2007

It was a Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was really nice and slow, On Sat. while the kids napped I was able to finish 3 pillows..All stitched up and no place to go. Haven't decided on or a simple Picturetrail page. We then were able to really work with Hoss outside, combed him down and picked his hooves, his Thrush is still there but not getting worse. It's because everything is so soggy. I stayed up really late and read the new Kathy Reichs book, DH and I love the tv show "Bones" so I'm trying to read the books, so far I am drawn into it. On Sunday we did our usual pancake breakfast and didn't rush the morning, I finished up a simple stitchery for a new towel and will finish it tomorrow. We ran out and burned some fallen brush that had been adding up for some time now, trying to get some chores done around here before the real snow moves in. The little ones are getting over a bad cold and my 8 yr old is over at G'ma house spending the night. We are ending the weekend here with our first fire in the fireplace, it past the inspection on Friday!
My mom made our Christmas stockings, She is in the process of making one more for my son.
I'll leave the hooks in the mantle, I'm on the lookout for something to hang there. There are 5 little hooks, Any ideas?
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