Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SIL Surgery Tomorrow and Update

WOW, things can change is such a short amount of time..My SIL has been in the hospital with a severe lower intestine blockage and DH ran down for the weekend to sit with her and cheer her up last weekend, I stayed here with the kids. Last night she got home from the Hospital since she was holding down food. Today DH got a call that she is back in the Hospital and is having emergency surgery to remove the blockage tomorrow sometime..this is a scary surgery has they will cut out the blockage and reconnect the 2 portions of intestine together. DH might drive back down to Tennessee to be with family in the Hospital and I'll stay here with the kids since we have no babysitter. The doctor says that it is because of the chemo/rad. she has had for her cancer.

Please Pray for Wendy to get thru this!

On the homefront here the girls are doing Fab. in school this year, mostly Bs and Cs. We are so happy because last year was such a struggle for Crystal. Last Summer we made the decision to remove TV's from the kids rooms and have just one TV down in the basement for DVDs only as a reward. We also cut off cable (to save money cuse Richard was out of a job then)...It has shown us that it was a good decision for us as a family, Crystal is reading more and her people skills have improved. Abigail has made a A in math. This worked and is working for us but it might not work for everyone...The few shows that I do like to watch I watch on HULU and get new movies from the library.
I think I'll decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving..There is Christmas music on the radio here in OH already!
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