Friday, November 14, 2008

Bookworm Friday

So begins the story of two girls, a friendship, and a pie. JUMBLE PIE, to be exact. A Home Ec project gone very wrong, except for the fact that it brings together two very different young girls and helps them form a friendship that lasts through bad haircuts, unrequited love, endless incarnations of Madonna, and their own evolving dreams... Until New Year's Eve, 1999, when another pie comes along, resulting in a pre-party blow-up that sets Juliet and Emily, women now, to remembering how it all got started.
JUMBLE PIE is the story of the elusive nature of friendship, sometimes clinging, other times liberating; a story for any woman who has ever lied to her best friend just to make her feel better - and who has been brave enough to tell the truth, even when it hurts. And of course, it's a story about the remarkable healing power of pie.

I was sent this book to view and have downloaded it..I much prefer the paper form..My lil helpers won't allow me to much fun time on the computer nowadays but I have read 2 chapters so far and it has grabbed my attention. I'll slowly be reading this bit by bit.

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