Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Whatcha Working On Wed.

Morning All..I have been busy browsing on-line for good books on Saving Money, Reducing Grocery Costs and activities that families can do here at the house and around town..It's getting way to cold to run to the parks. SO far I have found just one book at my library that I'm going to pick up. Please share with me your cost-cutting books if you know of any.

I'm thinking of bringing out Christmas and decorating just to get my mind off of our finances. We haven't told the kids yet about DH being laid off of work but last night was DH's last day and he came home full of stress and worry and was very depressed. He hid in his man cave most of the night sending off resumes. Ladies, what do you do when your guy is very depressed..for whatever the you try to talk him out of his depression or let him work it out himself? I have tried telling him that it wasn't just him that lost the job/money it was us and we are in this together. The not knowing is the hardest part though. Esp. since the economy is bad..not very many business's are hiring right now.

I am continueing to clip coupons and I have re-discovered the Library, In the past I had just grabbed a book at the store but now I'm writing down the titles and grabbing them from the library.

I'm also thinking about trying my hand at more DIY Crafts..What kind of paint do ya'll use for simple signs..I want to make some for my house.

Well, It's not an exciting week or fun post but this is what I'm working on at the
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