Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Whatcha Working On Wed.

I'm still working on this for Kimberly, almost done with the leaves, So sorry it's taken me so long..Helping my Sis out with her new little one is taking up most of my days recently.

I've also been thinking about the economy and how it will effect my Family. Watching the news last night was very scary and had me sitting and thinking about ways to save money while still eating healthy and being able to do some extra shopping, Christmas is around the corner!
Are you changing your spending habits/ways of life due to recent economy? I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts/ideas on this!

I've also put thought into my Etsy shop..When I first opened it I was so very excited and loved to stitch the day away but with the economy and tightening the purse strings I'm sad to say that I have to close my shop for now. I'm offering FREE SHIPPING for today and tomorrow..It saddens me to see my work sitting in a box and not being enjoyed. I'm still Stitching away but will offer my pillows on here.

On a lighter note...My sewing room is achanging and big plans are in the works...Here's a hint.. the color YELLOW !! Will post pics in a few weeks...I'm so excited!

Enjoy your Wed.
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