Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Horse'in Around~Winter Prep

Yesterday our neighbor came over with a surprise, see that cute light that is personalized with a brown horse and black dog? He made it for us since DH wouldn't take any money for helping out with a computer problem. I ADORE it, it lights up at night and has the softest glow! We are blessed to have such kind neighbors, they called many times when the heater almost caught on fire to see if they could help out.

This is what we have been working on these past 2 weekends, extending the horse fence up to the barn so that this winter we don't have to walk down that steep hill. You can see the white electrical wire going down the hill, we are hoping that it stops HOSS from jumping the small fence. We have to finish a small section here by the barn door and move/re-install the gate, this is where I'll be this weekend..lol..at least this winter we are prepared and hopefully able to deal with letting HOSS out and the never ending mud.

It's very cold here today and spitting freezing rain, HOSS and Pipen are snug inside the barn and the kids are snug on the couch watching "Dragon Tales"..It's a gross day and It's making me sleepy!
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