Monday, October 27, 2008

A Broken Toe Weekend and I Won

So last Friday Crystal was home cuse of a stomach bug, in fact we were all home and lounging around in our PJ's all day. Around dinner time she went into the laundry room to throw something away, she slipped and jammed her toes into the door jamb and the corner of the wall..she got up and her toe was all twisted around and she said she couldn't feel it, I almost to get DH who was sleeping and he thought it was just out of joint...After a run to the E.R. and an X-Ray, She BROKE her toe! She has to use a special shoe called a boot and has to go to a bone specialist in 3 weeks to make sure that it has mended together properly. She has to stay off of it as much as possible, we are trying school today but I'm on stand-by if she is in to much pain she may come home. She was bored all weekend laying in bed watching Disney...She wanted to be outside with us. We had to work on the fence for HOSS, more winter preperation!

I have WON the coupons for Dog Treats that I posted about a couple of weeks ago. My dogs will LOVE these!! THANK YOU!!

Any ideas on how to get smoke smell out of a dresser? We have noticed a heavy cigerette smoke smell when we open Abigails dresser and now her clothes have a faint smell to them. We do not smoke and this is bothering her.
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