Friday, October 31, 2008

Bookworm Friday

According to Barnett, the Green Editor for KNTV in San Francisco, human beings are saturating their bodies, their children's bodies and their homes with noxious waste, pathogens and carcinogens. Barnett recounts having her blood and urine tested to illustrate how toxins have deeply embedded themselves—her results show positive for bisphenonol A (linked to birth defects and reproductive problems) and perchlorate (an active ingredient in rocket fuel found in contaminated food). The book is divided into seven clean-it-up chapters full of solid information and helpful tips aimed at greening different areas of your life, such as how to best filter household water. Barnett's well-written environmental call-to-arms is passionate and authoritative; her findings correlating childhood illnesses with ordinary—and highly toxic—cleaning supplies is alarming. However, readers will likely find Barnett's claims slightly suspect for the fact that her sensible advice is compromised by her relentless endorsement of Shaklee products (her husband happens to be the Shaklee CEO).

I saw this book at the store and picked it up, We are attempting to go "Green" here on the mini farm..I did pick up some good ideas from this book but I was disappointed by her attempts of pushing her Husband's products at me. Who knows... the products that she is pushing may really work but you can only order the products on-line and not buy them in stores.

Have you read any great "Green" books? Have you tried any "Green" Products that you like?
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