Sunday, October 19, 2008

Please check your Furnaces First!

We have experienced the most scariest morning! This morning at 6:59 our smoke detectors went off..I got up thinking that the battery had died and opened our bedroom door to a house full of acrid electrical smoke, smoke so thick you could cut it with a knife! I grabbed the kids and loaded them up into our truck and went back to the door and the dogs came running to me, got them loaded into DH's car..confused as there was no flames anywhere..Meanwhile DH was on the phone with 911....the fire dept arrived and went into the house, I stayed outside in the truck with the kids. The fire dept. was here for about an 1 hour searching..still smoke but no flames...

It turned out that when we had our A/C installed the people did not know what they were doing and wired the A/C to the furnace all wrong and the furnace blower was not kicking on so we have a melted mess and no heat! If it had not been for the smoke detector going off..We would have had a major fire and possibly more!

I have opened all the windows even though it's only 60 degrees today and have sprayed Frebreeze everywhere!! The smell will not dissapear!

We are going out to eat because I have a huge headache and we have plans of calling around tomorrow to see what can be done if anything..Might have to contact a lawyer about that A/C Company doing such a poor job!

We are all okay just very shook up, We will see if the kids can sleep tonight.
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