Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Whatcha Working On Wed.

When we bought the house one of the things we feel in love with was the built in bookcase, It is such a small room so I also have my computer in here. It is in no decorating as begun is here YET!! It is today I'm making it my mission to make it pretty! I'm organizing the books, the majority of them are my DH's but look on prized book collection..NANCY DREWS!! I have the original series from 1-54..I'm always on the hunt for the rest of the series in the original yellow binding..these were my mom's and she passed them on to me..then my Aunt mailed me her I have 2 incomplete series 1-50somthing...I re-read these every summer..We think that the ugly green wall stuff is original to the house to..wonder is I could paint over it? Anywhos...I'm looking for ideas for this small space..I know ya'll have

I had mail love yesterday..VocalPoint sent me 4 StarKist coupons to share..$1.00 off a StarKist Tuna Pouch. If you'd like one please mail me your addy and I'll get this mailed off to ya.

I also saved $20.00 on my grocery shopping trip with my coupons..WOW..I'm now trying to see if I can beat

Have a Great Wed. I'm running to Goodwill and some Thrift to see what I can do for this room!
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