Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whatcha Working On Wed.

Morning All, Blogger is giving me fits this morning, I had some more pics to share but I can't upload them for some reason.

I have joined a Coupon Club here in my town and have received 3 envelopes packed with good coupons and most of them I use, I have went thru the envelopes and am ready to pass these on to the next person now but since we are slow starting up, there is no one to ship these too, only the 2 of us so far.

We have finished painting Abigails dresser and it's now in her room, did take a pic and will share later..It is white with purple knobs, We need to run out to Wal-Mart later and grab about 4 more and paint them but for now she can at least open her dresser. Her desk which we bought at a garage sale is also on the list to get painted to match her dresser..

Remember I said we ALMOST had a fire here Sunday morning and the whole house was covered in heavy smoke? Well, the heating guys came out to look at it, the same ones that put in our new A/C last summer. They openly admitted to DH that something was wired wrong and something on our new A/C is fried too...We are beyond upset...They came out on Monday, told DH that they were coming back out on Tues. and they didn't show or call!! DH took today off again to call them and talk to the manager...We are using 2 space heaters in the house and it was so COLD last night!

Here is a question, because of the fabric stinks...I had 2 orders to send off and now the pillows stink..What do I do? Is there a way to remove the smell or e-mail the ladies and tell them that I have to re-do their order? I'm so upset about this,, It's a heavy smoke/chemical smell.

I'll try to re-post pics later.
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