Tuesday, September 30, 2008

~6 New Things About Me~

I have been Tagged for 6 New Things at the http://thenestegg08.blogspot.com/ I'm drinking my coffee and answering e-mails..perfect time to blog!

1~I'm now in a major cleaning/organizing mode...not sure how long this will last..lol..

2~I have started to clip coupons and grab freebies like a crazy person, so far I have gotten some nice freebies in the mail and saved major moola at the store.

3~We have started to slowly move to organic cleaning and organic eating

4~I use flavored creamer in my coffee every morning, I like to try new flavors..currently using Coffee-Mate Caremel? Apple...YUMMY

5~I love the country/prim decorating look but I think I could move over into shabby-chic so easily!

6~ I have a dream of owning my own Bookstore one day, already collecting books for it...Just wish the economy was in better shape for this.

I need to pick some of you for 6 New Things...I pick YOU!! Please take the time to have fun and pass this on!
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