Friday, September 19, 2008

Trying to Catch Up!

Here it is Friday and I've missed 2 days, Where was I ? I was babysitting my Niece Charlie while my Sister was getting checked out for pregnancy complications...She isn't out of the woods but she is coming into her 37 weeks and we are glad for that!
Here is a few pics of the growing puppy, Coffee is getting so big and really is glad when the kids get home from school.She blends in well
Her and Cocoa playing this morning

Friday mail love , 4 free issues of Cosmo and a free 14 day supply of vitamins plus a coupon, love getting these freebies!

We looked all around town for an Apple Corer/peeler and finally found one and got home and we had so much fun trying it out on apples and potatoes.. I made my first Apple cobbler too and it was so yummy! Apple pies are baking this weekend.

Tomorrow is my sis's B-Day and if she gets out of the Hospital and feels up to it I'm going to bake her a cake and have her and the family over for dinner...I'm thinking about renting a movie too..Have you seen any good Chic Flicks? She loves these movies.
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