Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

So today is a nice day outside, only going to be around 75! I'm thinking a nice day for the park with the lil guy since both girls are in school today. This will be a short post cuse I wanna surprise him :)I'm finishing this Willow Tree pillow up for a swap with Kimberly from had put it down unfinished to do a special order and now I have a reason to finish it! I hope you like it Kimberly :)
So this is my DH's office today, he has the option of working from home on some days since he is the Lead Computer Network Engineer at work...Yes, I'm bragging! He does work hard!!

And this is Church....he looks like that cat from the Stephen King Movie...I can't remember the name now...Anyone know it? Church thinks that he lives here and we come out to visit him..LOL..One of my many barn cats.

So I guess the only thing I'm working on today is my Stitchery..LOL..
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